Sadaqat Brothers Company is a limited responsibility of money service and exchanges which is located in Afghanistan and decided to establish a central office in Kabul City in Gulbahar Center after getting license and then it will open its agencies as follow: 1st branch in Homadi Market (Kabul), 2nd branch in Khurasan Market (Herat), 3rd branch in Kefayat Market (Balkh), 4th branch in Atal Market (Kandahar), 5th branch in Khurasan Ghazni Market (Ghazni).

The main task and service of this company is offering money service and exchange inside and outside of the country. The qualified products of this company, vaster sales and extensive propagation channel help this country to provide precious products and services to a large number of customer inside and outside of the country. Today that all the trading contracts need money transferring and Sadaqat Brothers MSP Company offered valuable services to trading companies for expanding and speed in trading contracts and solved money physical transportation for respectable merchants and do necessary helps for them to speed their contracts, protect assets and be secure.

  • Our Mission

    To provide opportunity for growth and enrichment of businesses and the communities in which it operates, and to be recognized as one of the most innovative foreign exchange and money services business operating in the country.

  • Our Vision

    To be the pioneer and leading “Exchange & MSP” company in Afghanistan that will become the first choice of the nation in the industry, and to facilitate foreign exchange and money transfer services which give fair value and consistent quality, reliab

  • Our Future

    To achieve presence all over the country and cover all key markets that customers can easily access the services they need. This will allow us to serve better the community and local businesses. This is a solid, sustainable growth that will help u